We’re Officially Official!

Enjoy this amazing recap from Velovita’s Launch Event Weekend!

Working Hard For You!

As the final day of convention came to a close, Kosta Gara brought on stage and introduced all of the Velovita department heads to help answer questions from those in the crowd.

Velovita President Jeff Mack had this to say about the Official Launch Weekend:

Velovita CEO and Founder Kosta Gara expressed his thoughts on the amazing Launch Event:

What a great start to the year! We begin the year with the launch of our new product followed by a sold out, one of a kind, exquisite and profound launch event for our company. More importantly, it was for our community.

Many said, “we couldn’t pull it off” or that “we shouldn’t.” After canceling our original date, out of an abundance of caution, our leadership was very vocal about wanting to come together and properly launch Velovita.

Thus, our field leadership as well as the Velovita staff put on an event that everyone 
in Velovita will talk about for years to come! Congratulations to everyone involved!

I'm especially proud of our Velovita leaders and their focus on taking care 
of our Members, our customers, and our communities.