Member Rewards

The Pursuit of Extraordinary!

Collaborate and Celebrate

Teamwork always makes the dream work and we know that having a solid support group is important for success. As you start to assemble your tribe and help them thrive, you'll get rewarded in several ways while having fun and personally developing! As well, your Enrollee is rewarded for your success, incentivizing you both to work together and truly making this a team effort. Rinse, repeat, AMPLIFY!

There's More!

What does it mean to have multiple streams of income? Well, in addition to the above, with Velovita, you can create a diversified income based on your goals, the time you have to contribute to your e-commerce business and the effort you decide to put forth in sharing. Truly understanding what leverage income is and going for it means that you could bring back those dreams that you had as a little kid and still make them a reality. It's never too late!

Team Commissions

Imagine if you could make money while you were sleeping or vacationing? Leverage is by far the single most important advantage in financial freedom and that's a benefit you can enjoy when building with Velovita - where our ecosystem helps our Members work smarter, not harder. By systematically increasing the number of active Members in your tribe, the volume in your business can increase beyond your own efforts. That marks the beginning of true-time freedom!

Royalty Bonuses

As your Tribe enjoys team commissions, you will experience the power of leverage at the next level. Our Royalty bonuses pay you a percentage of your team’s commission. This well deserved passive income bonus is an organic result of your efforts that have inspired and motivated your team's advancement within Velovita.

Lil’ Something Extra!

If you have ambitious goals, these extra bonuses could truly propel you into a life that one could only imagine. As you become one of our elite Stars, you'll receive a weekly bonus justfor being awesome! Your dedication to the company and to your team deserve rewards that match your efforts. We are truly your biggest fans!

Profit Share

We're in this together! So we want to share our success by treating our most successful Members like partners. So we are going to share a part of our global volume, yes you read correct, we are going to share part of our GLOBAL VOLUME with you on a quarterly basis for becoming a Velovita V-Star! We truly want you to succeed!

Choose your path

You'll always want more

We all look for value and benefits in our lives so it's our most sincere desire that Velovita will be a positive force in your daily life and the same for your new customers.

We have created a platform where you share because you care and earn rewards and recognition with a company that’s got your back and is cheering you on!

You can also retail the products and earn revenue promoting the Velovita brand to your social network and your customers will receive a 10% discount when they go on V-Fill and they will #LOVIT!

The more you buy, the more discount you get!


As an Affiliate, there's no need to pay the membership fee to gain access to your online referral management system or to acquire products from your very own e-commerce website. 

Additionally, you can sign up for V-Fill (optional automatic monthly product delivery) and get bulk discount pricing up to 30% off the retail price (depending on the amount of product purchased). 

Also, by choosing to be an Affiliate with us, you can get a 10% referral BONUS for every purchase made from your personal e-commerce website which comes with a shopping cart that has the ability to accept credit card orders while our fulfillment center drop ships it right to your customers for you!


As a Customer, you can order products directly from our website and enjoy the same flat-rate shipping as our Members and Affiliates (at the ridiculously low rate of $5 for two-day shipping anywhere on the continental US, regardless of how many boxes you order!)

Additionally, you can sign up for V-Fill (optional automatic monthly product delivery) and get bulk discount pricing up to 30% off the retail price (depending on the amount of product purchased) and even earn a free box! Ask your referring Member for more details.

Ready to go?