Cutting Edge Restful Sleep + Slimming Technology

Zlēm is a powerhouse formula containing more than 20 ingredients designed to help you fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly, and burn stored body fat during your nighttime renewal.

"I suffer from chronic pain and Fibromyalgia. Weight loss, energy, and productivity were all things of the past, or at least that’s what I thought until I came across a Facebook post about these nifty little miracle snaps and I had to know more! After I got my first box only a day after ordering, yes, a day! I was obsessed with how good I felt! I had energy like never before, I felt so light and happy!"

Samantha G., Zephyrhills, Fl

"I’ve been taking a sedative dose of sleeping medications for years, and thanks to Zlēm, I’ve cut back in just 4 days to 1/4 of a dose. Pretty soon will be totally OFF!!! And I’m also down 4 pounds!!!"

Toni W., Palm Coast, Fl

"Where do I begin? I was horrible to be a negative Nancy, I was never happy, I definitely didn’t know what being calm was like. I struggled so badly to have a face-to-face conversation and understand what was being said and I never had sustainable energy without a crash. With Brān I have seen a change for the better! I’m always looking for the positive in every situation, I’m always calm."

Britany K., Princeton, WV

"Excellent product! It truly enabled a full-body detox effect and provided a rejuvenating, restful night's sleep."

Gleen H., Florida

"I’ve tried Zlēm and I love it! It helped me fall asleep faster and deeper, but my favorite part was waking up to a flat tummy from the detox factor."

Sam L., Tennessee

"While taking the product my wife and I both had a restful night's sleep while experiencing the detox effects."

Mike E., Texas

"My name is Ron Green, I’m 42, live in Phoenix and work long hours due to my job being domestic and international. I would toss and turn throughout the night and think about all the projects I had to do the next day on most nights. I added Zlēm to my nightly routine (Brān during the day) and could not believe the improvements to my sleeping. I fall asleep about 30 minutes after taking Zlēm and stay asleep through the entire night. When I wake up, I’m amazed by the detox and feel great starting my day. This has helped improved my sleep, mood waking up, and also to lose weight while sleeping!"

Ron G., Arizona

"Just when I thought life couldn’t get much better, Zlēm came along! My sleep was more restful, I was more energized upon awakening, and even felt “lighter” throughout my day. I was just more positive, and, simply put had a “nothing-was-impossible” attitude. Having always tried to live optimally and maximally, I told my husband that I was really accomplishing that feat with Zlēm. I am finally able to achieve more than ever imagined, all while completing everything thoroughly, successfully, and most importantly, stress-free and happily!"

Connie B., Maryland


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