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Biohack Solutions

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Our innovative and proprietary biohacking solutions target your specific health needs and wellness goals. Try our convenient Snap servings to amplify your life!

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brān®, pronounced [breyn], is our original biohacking formula that provides a clean, long-lasting energy boost, clears brain fog, and enhances your mood.

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sleep & slim

zlēm®, pronounced [zleem], is a powerful natural supplement that helps your body enjoy quality sound sleep while supporting a renewed and holistic healthy state.

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time reverser

uüth®, pronounced [yüth] is a delicious premium gelée containing powerful proprietary ingredients designed to help you live, look and feel more vibrantly youthful.

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plôs® Thermo
something extra

Super charge your coffee or tea with a snap of plôs® Thermo our non-dairy creamer, you’ll love feeling the thermogenic action that helps with your fitness and body composition goals.

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Support, nourish, and rebalance your gut with byōm®, pronounced [biome], a dietary supplement made with a unique blend packed with ingredients that work to support your healthy gut bacteria and promote optimal digestive health.

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Biohacking Enhancement Technology

tuün®, pronounced [tune], a wearable biohack designed to help you stay “finely tuned” in a world of outward and inward stressors including EMFs and other electrosmog that is ever-present in today’s modern lifestyle.



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