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plôs®, pronounced [ pluhs ], our line of beverage companions, is designed for adding to your favorite beverage of choice for a little something extra! Rather than a disappointing instant coffee that won’t meet your flavor standards, plôs® is a non-dairy enhancer you’ll love adding to your home-brewed coffee or favorite barista creation to help with your fitness and body composition goals.

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Supports Healthy Weight Management

Contributes to a Healthy Metabolism 

May Help Support Appetite Control 

May Help the Conversion of Fat to Energy 

Contributes to Healthy Lipid Synthesis 

Plays a Role in the Metabolism of Nutrients 


What if your favorite part of the morning delivered stacked benefits to serve you throughout the day? However you take your coffee, take your coffee with a little something extra!


plôs® Thermo is a convenient, healthy way to feel better, more confident, and ready for an awesome day that gets you closer to your goals.

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Enjoy if you have an interest in:

  • Intensifying weight loss efforts.
  • Curbing cravings.
  • Boosting your metabolism.
  • Eliminating calorie-rich, dairy creamers.

plôs® Thermo brings the heat to every cup with a creamy smooth consistency and flavor boost.

Designed to help with your body composition goals in 3 ways:

  1. Eliminates calories from unhealthy fats and sugar in your coffee.
  2. Helps control daily caloric intake.
  3. Improves metabolism.

Your Cup, plôs®!

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