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Success Stories

Though results may vary, here are some personal stories and experiences.

brān® reimagined

" I've been taking brān® for almost 2 years. What I love most about it is the instant euphoric feeling when you take it, and I am so productive all day long. "

Randy Raisin - Michigan

" I’ve loved brān® since day one. I love how much it helps with my mood and patience. Being a busy mom and having so much to do, brān® really helps me focus and get more done during the day. "

Kena Smith- Florida

" I am a very busy person. The fact that I can take one supplement, first thing in the morning and by 10 PM I am still not tired is amazing. "

Ashley Crawford - Nevada

" brān® helped me overcome my feelings of defeat and focus on something OTHER than the speed bumps my life has had and the energy to push keep going. "

Aryanne Zink- Illinois

zlēm® sleep & slim

"I've been using zlēm® since it came out, it helps me sleep so much better and I don't wake up groggy. I feel rested when I wake up. "

Mason Ward - Florida

" As a busy mom, it helps me sleep so much better, even if I wake up at night I can easily go back to bed. "

Kayla Fourthforth - Florida

" Taking zlēm® has been amazing, it has changed the way I eat and sleep. I feel great and it has been totally because of Velovita and the amazing products. "

Cathy Ashby - Tennessee

" It helps me sleep and rest soundly, I wake up feeling refreshed. Now I run with 7-8 hours of sleep and I have the best sleep of my life. "

Michelle Nickell - Ohio

uüth time reverser

" I have healthy hair again and it helps me with my joints. I’ve been using it for almost a year and it is my favorite product. "

Toni Marie Ward - Florida

" We really enjoy the flavor and the gel, it has really helped with our knees, and it makes us feel younger and more vibrant. "

Eric and Angela Buckerer - Iowa

" This product is amazing, I love the flavor and it has helped me clear up my skin and it is mindblowing how great it works. "

Sami Renae - Florida

" I have been going to the gym regularly for a few years now, and within a couple of weeks that I started with uüth, I noticed an improvement, my hair feels great and my skin complexion is better. It has done a lot for my confidence. "

Danielle Wieneckowski - New York

" I started with uüth and in a matter of 30 days, my hair was amazing, I am able to wear my hair down and it looks healthy and full. "

Jamie Nall - Texas

plôs THERMO something extra

" At 60 years old I've been praying for a good weight management product that gives me energy, and plôs gives me both, so I'm quite happy. "

Nile Eddy - Florida

" I'm a busy mom of 5 kids, and it gives me the energy throughout the day to keep up with my family, my life, and my two businesses. It gives me sustained energy - and has helped me to lose inches. "

Shawna Helen - Virginia

" I just started plôs. I'm about a weekend and already I can tell it gives me so much energy that seems to be the thing to take in the morning. I’m looking forward to the weight management part of it. I noticed it curves my appetite and gives me energy for a long time. "

Dami Paternoster - Oregon

" plôs is seriously the only product I've run across that gives me a kick in the pants to get up and go. And it lasts for hours if not all day. Juggling a demanding job, mom duties, and a husband that's a big kid - it's exhausting. But now I have what I need to get it all done. So thankful! "

Melissa Littell - North Carolina

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Success Stories

Building a business with Velovita is within your grasp! Check out these success stories from Members who’ve done it brilliantly.

" I joined Velovita because it feels like home. I've never felt so at home with people I haven't met in person. I always felt welcome by everyone in the company no matter what rank they were. "

Ashton Bonds - Indiana

" I joined Velovita, because as soon as I tried the products and saw how great they all worked, I knew I was going to share it, and then I fell in love with the company. It has given me the confidence in my own skin and it has brought the old Katy back. "

Katy Tharrington - Virginia

" I am a full-time teacher and I was looking to supplement my income, so I jumped on board - and this is my dream. "

Sheri Moebes - Texas

" I joined Velovita because I wanted something that was truly great for my family. I wanted my kids to see that it is possible to work with a company that had a great operational system but also was able to operate globally very quickly. "

Richard Amoedo - Texas

* Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.
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