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Success Stories

Though results may vary, here are some personal stories and experiences.


"It's been a life changer for me. The biggest thing is that I'm now a morning person!" - Jen K.


"I don't think I've ever had that deep restful sleep, I actually have dreams often now." - Isatel D.


"I now have the softest skin I've had in I don't even know how long." - Sami G.

zlēm® & brān®

"My daughter told me, 'Dad, you haven't had those highs or lows'" - Thomas G.

zlēm®, brān®, uüth

"I love that it makes me push through my job a little faster." - Frances B.


"I'm feeling a lot more ready to hit the ground running." - Joelle L.

"My mental clarity has taken me by surprise the more I take these products brān®, uüth and zlēm® it only gets better! I began this journey four months ago. It has helped me feel better, think better and look better! I no longer have racing thoughts during the day or stay up all night waking up from nightmares or terrors. I am at peace and the only regret I have is Velovita not finding me sooner."

Jessica Carol Culbreth - Durham NC

"I have been using brān® and zlēm® for 4 months and have reaped so many benefits. I have difficulty focusing and staying on task. When I started using brān®, it was such an unbelievable result. I still pinch myself when I get a project going and done without letting things distract me or stop me from completing it. I've also experienced a big improvement in brain fog and I'm now always so even keeled and happy. With zlēm®, my sleep patterns have been amazing. I always feel like I've had a full night, even after only 5 or 6 hours of sleep. It has also helped me manage my weight...YAY! Looking forward to seeing the changes in me after a year. The whole world needs this product."

Aileen Alvira - Lafayette, CA

"Y’all I just have to brag on these products just a little, I have had severe sunspots on my cheeks, my spots are getting lighter and my skin is glowing with uüth, I have suffered from sleep issues for 30+ years, I am getting the best sleep ever with zlēm®, and I am down 24 lbs and many inches in just 5 weeks with brān®. With brān®, my energy is so much better and my motivation is back. I am happy and back to myself. Y’all I'm in love!"

Julie Willis - Bradenton FL

"Due to my history, I am very careful with what I take. To be able to find a product that not only gives me clean energy without feeling jittery, and also reduces stiffness and soreness is EVERYTHING. These products gave me my life back. I’m so thankful."

Samantha George - Zephyrhills, Fl

" I no longer cry daily for no reason at all. My anxiety is no longer haunting me every minute of the day. I'm so unbelievably happy that I can literally find joy in the little things now! I could seriously go on and on about all the changes in me. I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to help others so they can begin to feel their very best! It's time we put ourselves on the priority list because if we don't, what are we teaching our children? plus... How good are we to those we love and care about if we don't feel our very best?! "

Shawna Wheeler - Agency, MO

" Where do I begin? It was horrible to be a negative Nancy. I struggled so badly to have a face-to-face conversation and understand what was being said, and I never had sustainable energy without a crash. With brān® I have seen a change for the better! I’m always looking for the positive in every situation, I’m always calm. My energy is through the roof and I never struggle with that, that’s a huge thing to me and I’m so thankful for that. I’m always on my game every day. My mental acuity never lets me down! I never thought just one little snap would have so many benefits, and I’m so grateful and proud to be a part of this company!"

Britany Kanode - St Princeton, WV

"I started to lose my hair, and I was told by a friend who uses uüth, give it a try. Well being so worried about my appearance I went ahead and tried it. I am not seeing any more big amounts of hair on my pillow anymore, a few strands here and there. I know uüth is the reason my hair is no longer looking bad. Also, the clarity, the focus is so much better and my skin is so soft. Velovita has changed my life and my husband's life totally. We love being reps for Velovita."

Jenn Oliver - Lansing, MI

* Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.


Success Stories

Building a business with Velovita is within your grasp! Results are based on efforts and activity. Check out these success stories from Members who've built a successful business and customer base.

"It has been absolutely flawless and seamless since being here."

"You want something that has experience behind it."

"It has changed my life in every aspect."

"Here it feels like an all-inclusive family."

"It was just a win-win for me."

"I've experienced growth here that I have never experienced before."

"I do see that vision here at Velovita."

"This was the company that just found my heart."

* Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.

* Velovita Members are not guaranteed any degree of success. Success will only come from hard work and individual efforts
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