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byōm®, pronounced [ biome ], is a delicious dietary supplement that contains trace ionic minerals and other life-enhancing nutrients mixed into our harmonizing blend to help support gut health, hydrate and alkalize your body.

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Start your day off with a snap of byōm® to help balance and nourish your gut. Get more out of every meal with a supplement formulated to make you feel better inside and out. byōm® is a convenient, healthy way to support your gut health with stacked benefits to keep you feeling healthy, happy, and hydrated.

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Helps Balance The pH Levels In Your Body 

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Improves Digestive Health 

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Helps Boost Cellular Hydration 

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May Help Support a Healthy Immune System 

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May Help The Body Fight Harmful Bacteria 

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"After just 5 days on byōm®, I have already noticed that I have a better digestive pattern and health after meals. I absolutely love the taste, the simplicity, and the impact of this Snap with the layered results from gut health to cellular hydration!"

Natasha R., USA
Testimonial Author

"byōm® is a game changer. I have always struggled with balancing the bacteria in my gut. But with this product coming in liquid form, I know the absorption is going to help. I absolutely LOVE the taste as well."

Thressa S., USA

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