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An Epic Journey

Kosta Gara

Founder / Chairman / CEO

  I truly believe that in life, everything happens for a reason. Life is a series of events, and decisions that will ultimately lead you to your destiny. Don’t allow life to happen to you, rather create the life you desire and since you only have one chance, find a way to make it legendary!

  The best things in my life have been guided or made better by peers and mentors that have encouraged positivity and proactivity. A goal for me is to do the same for others.

Ricardo J. Marenco

In-House Counsel

  We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. I believe that to excel in life, we must focus on (and fall in love with) building excellent habits. Every second is a new opportunity to build excellent habits, irrespective of what has taken place before.

  With brān and zlēm I have found a naturopathic blend of daytime and nighttime supplements helping me to adapt, learn, remember and grow. All while optimizing my cellular and system functions helping my mind, body, and spirit flourish!

Dr. Saberi

Scientific Advisor

Kosta's Bio

Kosta Gara is the mastermind behind some of the most iconic products and platforms in the Direct Sales space today and is known for transforming groundbreaking products into household names. His revolutionary and disruptive style has led him to appear on numerous international media publications, including but not limited to: Forbes, Inc., and Televisa, the largest broadcasting media in the Spanish-speaking world. Kosta's unique style, concepts, and strategy have earned hundreds of millions of dollars for corporations, brands, and top producers alike. His documented track record and coherent success have enabled him to identify key products and leverage those insights in building iconic companies. 

In 2005, after four years in the cosmetics space, Kosta was able to retire and co-author two “Amazon Best Seller” books while globe-trotting throughout Europe. Two years later, he returned from retirement to become a partner and Co-Founder of an innovative energy drink company. Along with his Co-Founder and best friend, Kosta helped build the powerhouse company by capturing the energy drink market share through global expansions. Today, the company has achieved over 500 million in sales.

Upon such success, Kosta once again retired in 2010 to write his third book--Organic Networker--which became an overnight sensation and another “Amazon Best Seller” in two different categories within the first 24 hours of its release. Soon thereafter, Kosta began another successful venture which lead to the founding of Gara Group in 2015. Since then, Gara Group has quickly become one of the fastest-growing conglomerate development firms in the Direct Sales space, with an all-inclusive solution in building their clients’ dream companies and now in building Velovita.

Dr. Saberi's Bio

Dr. Saberi is a practicing Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician in St. Petersburg, Florida who uses an integrative approach for wellness. He graduated with honors from medical school in Hungary, and then completed Internal Medicine training at The University of Tennessee in Memphis. 

Dr. Saberi has spent time working with Doctors Without Borders in Afghanistan a few months after 9/11 and in Sierra Leone during the largest UN deployment known to date after the country’s civil war. He has spent time treating patients in both hospital and outpatient settings, having a keen insight into stress management and its benefits.

He maintains his affiliation with Doctors Without Borders and is a member of The American College of Physicians. We are excited to see him apply his practical medical experience, his first-class education, and his interest in integrative medicine toward benefitting our loyal Velovita Members, Customers, and all those interested in optimizing their health and performance.

Jeff's Bio

Jeff Mack is a husband, a father, and a 30-year entrepreneur, with most of his professional experience in the Direct Sales industry. As a top field rep and leader for 22 of those years, Jeff worked tirelessly with teams in the US and eventually on a global basis. His career earnings as a rep were quite significant but he is most proud of those he helped to become leaders themselves. As a result, he became a top 5 earner in multiple companies over his career and was recognized as the company MVP in one of those. After several disappointing experiences with corporate partners, Jeff desired to make an impact on a broader scale.

After a brief stint as the CEO and founder of a small direct sales company, Jeff chose to use his vast and diverse experience to try to positively impact the field rep experience by helping other companies get better by founding and growing his own international consulting company.

As a sought-after consultant, Jeff has acquired and contracted consulting services with dozens of companies, from small start-ups to large corporations with up to $600M in annual revenues and developed rollout strategies for companies to successfully enter international markets in Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Greater China and the USA. One of the main rewards of his consulting experience that Jeff enjoys is seeing the growth in client’s sales and satisfaction of their sales force as they execute on his advice and counsel. “As a former distributor leader myself, it feels really good to make a positive impact on their experience.”

He is the Co-author of several books including The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing and the best-selling volume 2 of the “Cracking the Rich Code" series. He was profiled in ‘Wave 4: Network Marketing in the 21st Century’ by New York Times Bestselling Author Richard Poe.

Jeff has been a national keynote speaker at more than 100 direct sales industry conventions and expos to audiences of 1,000+, speaking about start-ups, growth, sales force motivation, and modern market approaches.

He now brings all this experience to Velovita as the President with a strong desire to create a home where all stake-holders, members, customers, and leaders can have a positive experience and be enriched by participation.

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We aspire to connect like-minded people in a harmonious ecosystem that fosters and encourages a brighter and more prosperous future individually and collectively.


We will provide memorable experiences and the ability to create them often for those that link arms with us on this epic journey.


We provide effective and cutting-edge products that meet significant needs in a unique and convenient way.


We've created an environment to provide you continual personal development and support for you to grow and succeed in every aspect of your life.


We believe in contribution and will provide you an incredible opportunity to pay it forward, give back and leave a legacy for your family.


Our rewards are designed to benefit your efforts and give you a path to a lifetime of total freedom.