tuün®, pronounced [tune], is a state-of-the-art wearable biohack that contains our proprietary Biohacking Enhancement Technology (B.E.T.) designed to help you stay “finely tuned” in a world of outward and inward stressors including electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and other electrosmog that is ever-present in today’s modern and convenience-oriented lifestyle.

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Sleep Quality

Focus and Mood

May decrease
Hypersensitivity Symptoms

Aids in
Enhancing Vitality

Helps Reduce
Free Radical Damage

May Help Enhance
the Sense of Well Being

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Electronic devices are becoming ever more important in daily life. However, despite making life easier, they may also cause several health problems. Assembled with you in mind, we created an easy wearable solution to help you live a more filtered life in harmony with your electronic devices.


At the cellular levels, your body is electric. Cells in your body communicate using microscopic electric signaling. This is how your nervous system functions. Slight changes in the polarization of your cells can lead to significant chemical changes in your body.


EHS Is a phenomenon characterized by the appearance of symptoms after prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields. Such symptoms include:

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Heating of Body
Tissues and Cells

Increased Free Radical
Production in Your Body

Chronic Fatigue,
Headaches, Brain Fog


To make matters worse, a large body of research on the effects of electromagnetic radiation has proven that technology is getting increasingly harmful to human health. Just recently, the World Health Organization classified all radiofrequency radiation from mobile devices as a potential class 2B carcinogen.

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There’s so much rogue EMF radiation in today’s world, not the least of which comes from our favorite devices - our cell phones.


“ According to David O. Carpenter, professor of environmental health sciences at the University at Albany, you are now exposed to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1 quintillion) times more radiation than you were ten years ago. ”


More than an EMF shield pendant, tuün® Resonate works to assist with tuning out the chaos while enhancing your overall health & well-being. tuün® Resonate is assembled with earth-grounding-frequencies and other oxidative reaction reducers to offset the effects of EMF radiation and restore balance to your body.

EARTHING & tuün®

Earthing (also known as grounding) refers to contact with the Earth’s surface electrons by walking barefoot outside, lying on the ground, or simply being in nature. Earthing is a healing technique that realigns your electrical energy by reconnecting with the Earth. tuün® Resonate is designed to enhance the effects of earthing and bring balance, strength, and sleep while providing relief from constant stress, tension, and fatigue.

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Simply wear your pendant or carry it in your pocket. May also be placed under your pillow at night.

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Don't take our word for it, hear what our Customers have to say!

Testimonial Author

"I wear 3 tuün® Resonate, so I have a lot of energy and protects me from so many things. I feel so much better!"

Kaneko, K.
Testimonial Author

"The thing about tuün® Resonate that excited me the most, was that I can have my phone on me and feel like I am not getting the full effect of the radiation."

Tymiesha M., USA
Testimonial Author

"This is all about feeling protected from an invisible enemy for me. We know there is an effect of tech around us. This just makes sense. And I notice that I am calmer when wearing it"

Rory R., USA

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