Unearthing the Mysteries of Crystal Energy

Crystals are stunning gems that take hundreds of thousands of years to form deep within the Earth’s subterranean gardens. Crystals have often been referred to as the “flowers of the Earth”. They hold a unique energy known as lattice energy. The fascination with crystals has lasted thousands of years.


Lattice energy, as described in the world of physics, is the sum of Coulombic interparticle interactions within the ordered structure of a crystal. This intricate formula of scientific jargon, deciphers the energy that unites the atoms or ions within the crystal, shedding light on the unique charges, distances, and attributes that set crystals apart. We understand this today thanks to physics, but how did ancient civilization know?


Historically, gemstones have played a vital role in holistic practices worldwide. The term for “crystal” comes from the Greek word krystallos or ice. Egyptians used crystals such as turquoise, carnelian, emerald, and clear quartz in jewelry, amulets, and in their burial rituals. Some stones served for protection and health, while certain crystals found use in cosmetics, like eyeshadow. Maybe this was one of Cleopatra’s beauty secrets? Jade, still highly revered in Chinese culture, is renowned for its protective and healing qualities. Many women may be familiar with the gua sha stone, a jade tool for facial massages that taps into its therapeutic power for a youthful appearance. Indian Ayurvedic traditions have recognized the therapeutic properties of gemstones, known as ratnas, for centuries.


Today, innovations in the field of physics have revealed that crystals can conduct electricity under specific conditions, opening the door to transparent, three-dimensional electronics that can be erased and reconfigured. This phenomenon, known as “persistent photoconductivity,” holds the potential to revolutionize technology.


In a captivating YouTube video dating back to 1964, the United States Air Force showcased how crystals are used to create oscillator circuits that produce stable frequencies. This stability is crucial for radio signals to avoid interfering with one another. So, if crystals can impact the frequency of radio waves, imagine what they can have on our personal frequencies.


Human beings are energetic beings; our thoughts emit signals, and our souls vibrate, creating frequencies. This is the main reason why maintaining a positive mindset is essential. Negativity can attract low-frequency energies into our lives, while positivity can elevate our frequencies and help us manifest our dreams. Crystals play a role in amplifying these positive frequencies, offering clarity, resilience, and precision to help us reach our aspirations.


  • Clear Quartz, a popular crystal, is cherished for its ability to bring clarity of thought and purpose. It encourages us to embrace the present moment, a valuable lesson for today’s fast-paced world.
  • Diamonds are revered for their ability to impart fearlessness, clarity of mind, and creativity. They are believed to attract abundance, strength, and love, making them a symbol of purity and luxury. And, of course, they will always be a “girl’s best friend.”


There are various ways to infuse crystals with energy, including sunlight, sound, and visualization to tap into their energy. The key is to set a clear intention and connect with the crystals in a way that feels authentic to you, so that it becomes infused with your intention and your energy. Empowering the crystal with a mission of sorts. The diamonds and crystal bezels of the tuün RESONATE luxuriously magnify the power of the proprietary (B.E.T.) Biohacking Enhancement Technology contained in this amulet.


Diamonds and crystals transcend mere beautiful adornments; they possess energies that can profoundly impact our lives.  They possess energies that can impact our lives, from enhancing our frequencies to bringing clarity and positivity. Science is proving that we are only beginning to understand the amazing potential of crystals. Hold a diamond or crystal in your hands, and know that you’re holding a piece of the Earth’s history and a source of powerful energy that’s available for you!