5 Reasons Why You Need to Download the Vibe App

Stay up to date with the latest Velovita news by using the app made to keep you connected and earning at all times! It’s an exciting time to be an entrepreneur who has joined one of the world’s fastest-growing direct sales companies. To help with your progress, Velovita aims to ensure that all its Members are supported and growing with the help of this fantastic app. The Vibe app helps Members keep track of the latest breaking Velovita developments. Time is money, information is power, and this app provides plenty of both as it keeps you ahead of the curve with constant updates, news, and more!



Take Your Business with You


When you earn with the Vibe app, you earn on the go. It’s as simple as a quick download to move your business from the desktop to your pocket. You’ll always be tuned in to any new prospect developments, whether you are on the computer or on the go. Keep track of your business with a few swipes, and always stay on top of things wherever you are!


Stay Connected with Messages, Notifications, Announcements, and Promos


Velovita likes to keep its Members in the loop at all times regarding the latest happenings and news. More than that, we love raising up our Members and boosting their business with different monthly promos. When you are connected to the community, you stay in the loop, hearing about the latest product changes or flash sales. The Vibe app is the best way to ensure you always stay on beat. Stay tuned in and ahead of the curve by hearing Velovita news as soon as it drops.


Delve Into Our Video Section


We want our Members to learn, thrive, and succeed. To help them be the best entrepreneurs they can be, we’ve provided all Members with a full selection of helpful videos. The Vibe app provides access to every single one across a variety of categories. To build your business, you can learn more about Velovita products, business tips, and success stories.


We even provide recordings of our weekly training sessions so that you can take advantage of the latest news or tips. With a few swipes, you can pick your category, then your video, and instantly grow your potential as you learn the ins and outs of the industry. After you’re done, you can share the videos you’ve seen and help others grow just like you have.


Create Templates to Streamline Your Business


The Vibe app makes communication with potential Customers even easier with the Template Manager (CRM). A program that allows you to send messages to your downline in moments with pre-made templates. Save your preferences and make templates that allow you to create filters to contact potential Customers and more. It’s a simple process:


  • Go to the menu and select Template Manager.
  • Choose a pre-written message (or your own)
    healthy state.
  • Choose language
  • Add a title to the template
  • Select audience
  • Select language
  • Add different links to direct your prospects to different sites and pages
  • Save the template for when you need it next.


Afterward, you can find any template you made by using the app’s filters. It is just that easy!


Send Internal and External Messages with Ease


The app is also a way to stay in contact with others in the Velovita community. Stay connected with other Members and your Customers when you use the ICS (Internal Communication System). It’s a simple process that lets you instantly send the word out to your downline. With the ICS, all you have to do is:


  • Head to the message section
  • Select:
    • Users
    • Countries
    • States
    • Ranks of recipients
    • If you want to include Rising Stars or not
    • Type your message
    • Send Away
  • Personalize the group of people to send the message to
  • Label and save the filter for later use
  • Send away

If you want to use a filter you’ve already made, create a new message and press the filter icon. Every filter you have made will pop right up, ready for use! Remember, the app helps you stay in contact with helpful notifications letting you know when the replies are coming in.



Velovita is always growing and evolving from one week to the next with new promotions and news that change the way you should be doing business to earn big. The Vibe app keeps you in the know with instant notifications alerting you to the hottest news as soon as it drops. Boost your business and stay ahead of the curve with just a few swipes of the thumb.

Tune in with the Vibe app today!