The importance of a good night routine

We know how important it is to start the day full of energy, this can help us achieve our daily goals and dreams, but to achieve an energized morning, we must have a carefully prepared night routine, this will help us feel rested and refreshed every morning!

As humans and as entrepreneurs, it is crucial to live with a well balanced routine, it may sound very hard, but start TODAY and you will love the results so much, you will stick to this routine.

Here we share some important tips you can start doing to generate a healthy night routine, feel free to modify it to your needs, and if you need to add more tips, share them with us!


Early dinner:

Dinner is something a lot of us look forward to all day, but having a very heavy, late dinner can affect our digestive system, making us consume more energy and having trouble as we sleep. Start eating dinner earlier, and even more so if you are having some heavy dishes, so you can start digesting before you even go to bed.


Stay hydrated:

Our body is mostly made of water, make sure you keep drinking water all day, so right before bed you don’t get thirsty and wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. A good hydration can help balance out our hormones, including our sleeping hormones, so DRINK UP!


No cellphone/ TV before bed:

We know this one is hard, but the blue light that our devices have on screens, can alter our sleeping patterns. Start little by little, let’s say phones down 10 minutes before sleep for the first week, the next week 30 minutes before bed, and so on until you can reach a full hour of no blue lights before sleep. One more thing, It’s a good practice to leave your devices in another room, away from where you’re sleeping so the cellular pollution doesn’t impact your restful sleep.


Skin/hair care routine:

Let’s be honest, we all like to look refreshed and healthy, pamper yourself every night for a few minutes, really focus on your self care and start your skin or hair routine, not only will you look healthier, this will relax your thoughts and body, just in time for a restful sleep!


Get ready for the next day!

Try to have a notebook on your bedside table, in here write down all the tasks you have to achieve the next day, this will help your mind relax. Then start a gratitude journal, list a few of the things you were grateful for this day, it will keep you grounded and on the present.


Snap up!

Last but not least, take your favorite flavor zlēm® as you are writing in your journal, this will give your body time to relax and prepare for a refreshing, continuous and slimming sleep.


Sleep is very important to succeed, make sure to prepare for a restful, refreshing sleep, a good 8 hour sleep can make the difference every morning, and with zlēm®, you will rest profoundly.