tuün® Resonate – A Biohack Solution For An Invisible (Growing) Concern

Our everyday lives are more intertwined than ever with electronic conveniences. However, few of us are conscious of the potential health risks presented by the devices that make our world go round.

Our cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, microwaves, and computers all transmit streams of imperceptible energy waves. As a result, electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are generated anywhere electricity is present, including at home.

While many researchers are still skeptical of the dangers of EMFs, the recent communique by the World Health Organization paints a more insidious picture.

Just recently, the World Health Organization classified all radiofrequency radiation from mobile devices as a potential class 2B carcinogen.

We’re all exposed to an intricate mix of these EMFs every day. In fact, according to many experts, we are exposed to 1 quintillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000) times the amount of radiation that we were 10 years ago as a result of our convenient and fast paced lifestyle. So of course, they are not entirely inescapable. The good news is, EMF radiation drops off quickly as you move away from your broadcasting devices or if you have a EMF repelling device on or near you. Let’s take a closer look at the latter solution.


EMF Protection Pendant – Your First Line of Defense

tuün® Resonate is a wearable EMF-shielding device assembled with a proprietary combination of frequencies and a matrix of infused minerals. These components work together to dissipate the effects of surrounding EMFs and other sources of electromagnetic pollution, protecting you from the damaging effects of these invisible culprits.


The Benefits

tuün® Resonate contains proven technology that helps fight off electromagnetic pollution to help the body function more optimally. The pendant’s earth-grounding frequencies and other oxidative reaction reducers offset the effects of EMF radiation and restore balance to your body. Some of the benefits of carrying an EMF-repelling device such as tuün® Resonate include:


  • Improves Sleep Quality
  • Improves Focus and Mood
  • May Decrease Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Symptoms
  • Aids in Enhancing Vitality
  • Helps Reduce Free Radical Damage
  • May Help Enhance the Sense of Well Being


Additional Ways to Protect Yourself & Family from EMF Exposure


  • Limit phone use. When you aren’t using your phone, put it away from you. At night when you’re getting ready to sleep, put it at a safe distance (or in another room).
  • Put your phone on speaker when on calls. Doing so will reduce Radiofrequency exposure to your brain. Using earphones or speakerphones can greatly reduce EMF exposure.
  • Try not to carry your phone in a pocket or near your chest. Try to carry it in a bag when you’re out.
  • Do your body a favor, occasionally unplug from electronic devices. Take a morning off from electronics. Spend more time outside.



EMFs are everywhere – and they are not going away; to the contrary, they are growing. Experts agree that low-frequency EMFs pose no immediate threat to human health. However, some researchers and institutions offer preliminary evidence that the danger is very real, especially with long-term use, particularly to the nervous system and cognitive function.

The most promising approach is to be conscious of the problem – understand that EMFs exist and be smart about your handling of the situation. There are multiple ways to shield yourself and your family from that relentless exposure and tuün® Resonate is one of them.

Research on EMFs and their adverse effects is still being published but will definitely become more conclusive as our use of broadcasting devices and appliances increases. Get ahead and stay safe with tuün® Resonate.