Velovita®, an innovator in the biohacking space, does it again. Velovita first caught waves in the health & wellness industry with the successful release of their flagship product, brān® Reimagined, a daytime snap formulated to help boost energy, enhance focus and mental clarity, and promote a sense of calm. Shortly following suit was their nighttime
Husband and wife team Jaime Pelaez and Mabel Rendon lead Velovita into Colombia and beyond. Country after country, the benefits of Velovita products are being discovered, and Colombia is no exception. Velovita is known not only for innovative products that work, but also for its mission of providing an ecosystem of inspiration, education, and life
Stay up to date with the latest Velovita news by using the app made to keep you connected and earning at all times! It’s an exciting time to be an entrepreneur who has joined one of the world’s fastest-growing direct sales companies. To help with your progress, Velovita aims to ensure that all its Members
Velovita has established itself as an innovator on multiple levels. As an innovator in the biohacking space, Velovita has introduced the world to incredibly effective products with rapid results. Velovita’s unique “snap” packaging makes its products fun to use, easy to sample, and great conversation starters. On the business side, Velovita is the first of
Love is in the air, and it’s that time of year again. That’s right. It’s Valentine’s Day! Chocolates, flowers, candlelit dinners, and more are all on the menu. But there are so many options and so little time. It can be overwhelming, making such a special day perfect for your loved one. But we are
Velovita’s biohacking solutions are made to enhance different areas of wellness. brān® is best to deliver an instant boost of focus and mental acuteness. zlēm® helps you enjoy quality sleep while supporting a renewed and holistic healthy state. uüthTM has the nutrients to help you live, look, and feel more vibrantly youthful. plôsTM Thermo helps

Community & Business: The Best Combo!

Starting or building a business is not as simple as it looks and success does not come overnight. You need to be consistent and not give up. Because, even if you can’t see the fruits of your labor yet, the results you are looking for could be right around the corner. You just need to

The importance of a good night routine

We know how important it is to start the day full of energy, this can help us achieve our daily goals and dreams, but to achieve an energized morning, we must have a carefully prepared night routine, this will help us feel rested and refreshed every morning! As humans and as entrepreneurs, it is crucial
Geographic expansion has been one of the keys to Velovita’s early success. Having the right people in the right places is one of the most important strategies the company is adamant about. With amazing product reviews, new promotions and the compensation plan, the Mexican market has been growing steadily but lacking one key thing to
Our everyday lives are more intertwined than ever with electronic conveniences. However, few of us are conscious of the potential health risks presented by the devices that make our world go round. Our cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, microwaves, and computers all transmit streams of imperceptible energy waves. As a result, electric and magnetic fields (EMFs)