Texan, born and raised, Tara left everything she’s ever known at 24 to follow a life of passion and fulfillment. As an adoptive mom, double bachelor’s degree grad, and avid wanderer of this world, Tara quickly realized the immense potential contained within the MLM space.  Sometimes a few setbacks put people directly on the path
Business isn’t often conducted with a manner of love, gratitude, or mentorship. If you’ve been around the Velovita campfire, chances are you’ve heard of Richard & Mary Amoedo. The couple serves as Global Master Distributors and leads many training calls about building a successful business within the company – all part of a supportive, encouraging

3 Tips to Better Meal Planning

What’s for dinner? It’s the age-old question stumping families throughout the week. If you often find yourself playing a frantic game of searching for something you can whip up before getting hangry, we’ve got some tips to try! Meal planning requires some forethought and yes, planning! Setting aside some time each week to prepare will make
If you’re familiar with the global biohacking innovator, Velovita, it’s hard to believe the company only just celebrated its second anniversary. With so much to boast about after its launch and first successful year, the bar was already high. And yet, it’s been raised even higher. It all started with a nootropic biohacking formula. Developed to

Your Best Morning Routine

How accomplished and productive do you feel when your head hits the pillow at night? If there’s room to improve (like there is for most of us), it’s time to implement a new morning routine. As with most areas of success, your routine requires some planning. You’re in the driver’s seat here to make your morning
Before jumping into network marketing, Selene Berumen worked 14 years as a Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy Instructor. She believed her career was in that field with a dream of becoming a doctor. Fast forward to six years ago, Selene was introduced to network marketing. “ As soon as my last baby was born, I refused to
Kristin Adams became an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner in 2014 and was introduced to network marketing that same year. In addition to becoming an ARNP, Kristin is also proud of becoming a 7-figure earner with her second direct sales company. Two areas keep Kristin going in her mission to help others: health and wealth. Says
First there was brān®, the original biohacking formula for a natural energy boost and optimal brain performance. Then came zlēm®, a nighttime formula for quality sound sleep and weight management. uüth™ was next in line, a time-reversing gelée to help you live, look, and feel your vibrant best. Velovita, the global leader in the health
No strangers to big news in the areas of product launches, business updates and Member rewards, the Founders of Velovita did it again on their February 7th monthly zoom update. On the list of several exciting updates was the announcement of another industry first; the Velovita Charitable Match program (VCM). Velovita believes that doing well
Kristin Wiese may not hold a degree but ambitiously began a career in the transportation industry at the age of 20. Climbing the ladder for over 10 years, Kristin managed the entire southeast US at one point employed by General Mills at their Minneapolis headquarters. A decade ago, Kristin dabbled in the MLM industry. Equipped