Velovita®, an innovator in the biohacking space, does it again. Velovita first caught waves in the health & wellness industry with the successful release of their flagship product, brān® Reimagined, a daytime snap formulated to help boost energy, enhance focus and mental clarity, and promote a sense of calm. Shortly following suit was their nighttime
Husband and wife team Jaime Pelaez and Mabel Rendon lead Velovita into Colombia and beyond. Country after country, the benefits of Velovita products are being discovered, and Colombia is no exception. Velovita is known not only for innovative products that work, but also for its mission of providing an ecosystem of inspiration, education, and life
Velovita has established itself as an innovator on multiple levels. As an innovator in the biohacking space, Velovita has introduced the world to incredibly effective products with rapid results. Velovita’s unique “snap” packaging makes its products fun to use, easy to sample, and great conversation starters. On the business side, Velovita is the first of
Geographic expansion has been one of the keys to Velovita’s early success. Having the right people in the right places is one of the most important strategies the company is adamant about. With amazing product reviews, new promotions and the compensation plan, the Mexican market has been growing steadily but lacking one key thing to
Velovita recently hosted their annual XLR8 2022 convention, and Members across the country gathered in Dallas, Texas for a weekend full of inspiration, top-level training, exciting announcements, and celebration. For Kristin Adams, the eventful weekend was particularly uplifting as it came with tremendous triumphs and 2 much-deserved awards. The Velovita Member reached Rock Star Elite

Velovita Hosts Annual XLR8 Convention

Kosta Gara and Jeff Mack just hosted their second Velovita XLR8 convention in Dallas, Texas – and the event was jam-packed with energy, recognition, top-level training, exciting announcements, and a clear vision for the future. Velovita’s Newest Biohack Product Among the major announcements was the introduction of their highly-anticipated product tuün™ Resonate – a first
As part of their global expansion effort for 2023 and beyond, Velovita is getting ready to enter the bustling Philippines market and has appointed industry veteran Levi Angeles. as Country Manager. The market will launch with all company’s products including the new wearable biohack tuün™ Resonate! “ We are beyond excited to announce that Velovita is
After recently completing their wildly successful second year in the business, Velovita is preparing to scale in their third year and beyond, in a BIG way! It’s not easy to build a sustainable company. It takes the right strategy, the right field team, the right corporate team, and proper execution. As the first expansion of
Gregory Williams couldn’t have said it better; “On the other side of a storm is the strength that comes from having navigated through it. Raise your sail and begin.” Randi Schmitt has navigated the ups and downs of this unrelenting industry and came out triumphant as Velovita’s newest million-dollar club member. Randi dreamt of joining
Business isn’t often conducted with a manner of love, gratitude, or mentorship. If you’ve been around the Velovita campfire, chances are you’ve heard of Richard & Mary Amoedo. The couple serves as Global Master Distributors and leads many training calls about building a successful business within the company – all part of a supportive, encouraging