brān® Tips

Looking for the best results from brān® reimagined?

Our very own Dr. A. Saberi shares how to enjoy the benefits of brān® while listening to your body’s cues.

brān® is our “get up and go” supplement. If you work nights for example, brān® is a great benefactor. If you feel you need another brān® snap in the middle of your shift, that’s OK but do listen to what your body is telling you.

If you start yawning a lot, or feel jittery with a snap or two, this could suggest that you need more sleep, or you may be augmenting brān® with other caffeine sources.

“It’s fine to use a cup of coffee or tea before or after taking your brān® snap, but my recommendation is to limit the amount of extra caffeine too close to your brān® snap. Even limiting caffeine throughout the day is beneficial”, says Saberi.

Too much caffeine places undue pressure on your adrenal glands. brān® utilizes green coffee bean extract as it contains wonderful anti-inflammatory effects, and not just caffeine.

brān® also helps in focusing for long periods of time. So, if you need to “knock out a project”, get an assignment done, or clean the house, it is a wonderful aid. Using brān® regularly may help your overall focus and recall as well.

Doctor Tips! (recommendations, not the law)

Use brān® 30-60 minutes prior to a workout. If you workout at night and want to utilize brān®, use a third to half a snap, unless you work nights, in which case, one full snap would be beneficial.

On occasion, take half to a full snap in the morning and half a snap after lunch to help with post meal fatigue.

You can use a half to a full brān® snap for a late night ahead, either due to work or play. The ingredients in brān® may help with recovery after a “night on the town” as well. It can even help with your first bowel movement of the day.

To maximize benefits, please use brān® responsibly, keeping in mind how your own behaviors and patterns are.

What’s YOUR favorite benefit from brān®?