Incorporate Snaps Into Your Daily Routine

Velovita’s biohacking solutions are made to enhance different areas of wellness.


  • brān® is best to deliver an instant boost of focus and mental acuteness.
  • zlēm® helps you enjoy quality sleep while supporting a renewed and holistic
    healthy state.
  • uüth® has the nutrients to help you live, look, and feel more vibrantly youthful.
  • plôs® Thermo helps with your fitness and body composition goals as well as suppresses your appetite.
  • tuün® Resonate dissipates most electromagnetic fields and reduces free
    radical damage.

Can You Use Them All? YES!

Our products are created to work in a synchronistic way. The active ingredients found in our snaps were carefully selected to enhance your health. Snaps are also made to avoid overlaps with the ingredients found in the other snaps. Popular combinations include:


  • brān® + zlēm®, our classic day and night combo for bright mornings and
    restful nights.
  • uüth® + brān®, the combo for rejuvenation and revitalization.
  • plôs® Thermo + brān®, the combo to fully wake up in the morning and be ready to face the day!

Meanwhile, tuün® Resonate works well in combination with any of our snaps. Mix and match your own snap combinations in order to find the best one for you!


When to Take Them?

Adding Velovita products to your daily routine is as simple as snapping! Starting in the morning, choose your favorite flavor of brān® and snap away to begin the morning on a positive note!

Later on, if you have breakfast with coffee, you grab a latte on your way to drop off your kids or if you go to your office and grab a tea, snap a plôs® Thermo right into your mug. By now you will not only have mental acuity because of brān®, but you will find better control of your appetite with a healthy metabolism.

In the afternoon, you can snap a uüth® to help you with amazing youthful-looking skin, and with time you will notice an improvement in your muscle tone and endurance when working out.

During your nighttime routine, grab zlēm® and snap! Relax for 20-30 minutes. Your night will be full of restful sleep while providing the added benefit of healthy weight management.


Protect Yourself with tuün® Resonate

Protect yourself externally as well as internally by making sure you are in a protective shield with tuün® Resonate. When you wear it around your neck or in your pocket, you will feel a decrease in Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Symptoms. You can place it under your pillow or on your nighttime table for a night of improved sleep.


Mix and Match When You Buy From Velovita!

Use snaps daily to have complete, optimal results 24 hours a day! Be sure to look for deals and discounts when it comes to purchasing different products.

Where one snap can help in the morning, another one can help at night, with there being a Velovita product to support you with everything in between too! Take a look at our selection and see for yourself which snaps can suit your needs.