Success Tips from our CEO

There are several popular quotes that circulate throughout the direct sales industry. Chances are, you’ve heard “success leaves clues” before, or maybe “if you’re the smartest person in your circle, you need a new circle.” These quotes point to getting around accomplished people who are living, social proof of success.


What do successful leaders and entrepreneurs have in common?


Our CEO & Founder, Kosta Gara shares the necessary principles in his book, The Organic Networker. While outlining the principle, Discipline = Focus + Dedication, Kosta shares “Focus and dedication are the two most essential ingredients that you must incorporate to sustain the level of discipline necessary to achieve success in this industry. It is important to focus on your vision to achieve your goals.”


Often the successful are visionaries. It’s no wonder when one considers the work invested and the skills developed from thinking and planning their vision with such detailed specifics. After all, a clear vision comes from getting clear on goals.


Also covered in the Principle of Discipline, Kosta shares this example: “Commit to paper the most important goal you wish to achieve. For the moment, let’s assume that goal is to earn $10,000 per month. Remember, a goal is the end result. The activities you do to attain that goal are the organic building blocks to achieve your goal. An activity you must master to earn $10,000 per month is to make 10 prospecting calls, warm or cold market, six days per week.


Having the discipline to succeed is where the pretenders are separated from the contenders.”


Whether you prospect on the phone or online, the activity to support your goal is what requires discipline. The focus and dedication needed to consistently take action (even when you don’t feel like it) is what moves the needle and gets you to the end result (goal) that you envision.


If you get around the successful, they’ll tell you the same; it all starts with a clear vision, and the decision to consistently work on it through the activity needed to get you there.


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