Carlos Pacheco & Valeria Fernández Negrete Help Lead Velovita Into Latin America

Velovita has established itself as an innovator on multiple levels. As an innovator in the biohacking space, Velovita has introduced the world to incredibly effective products with rapid results. Velovita’s unique “snap” packaging makes its products fun to use, easy to sample, and great conversation starters. On the business side, Velovita is the first of its kind to introduce global free shipping to all of its Members and their customers and the first EVER Company in the direct sales industry to offer a five-year retirement program written into its Rewards Plan.

Looking forward, Velovita has its eyes firmly set on taking its innovations globally. With Latin America representing nearly 20% of the $200 billion dollar a year Direct Sales industry, it’s no wonder Velovita has its sights set on significant growth there. Velovita is thrilled to see its leadership coming together and is eager to become a household name in high-quality performance-based supplements and financial opportunity in the region.

Leading Velovita’s growth efforts in Latin America are none other than Velovita’s Latin American Master Distributors Carlos Pacheco and Valeria Fernández.

The dynamic couple has forty (40) years of combined experience in the direct sales industry, serving in multiple roles. As field leaders, Carlos and Valeria built teams numbering in the hundreds of thousands of people with sales in the millions of dollars per month. Carlos then became a successful General Manager leading top US and international Direct Selling companies to success in Mexico and beyond. When asked why he chose to go back into the field and spearhead the Velovita charge in Latin America with his wife Valeria, Carlos replied:

I was captivated by the company’s quality in all aspects, starting with its founders and the entire team, as well as its fresh, original, and innovative proposal for the image, presentation, and quality of its products, and its compensation [Member Rewards] plan. I knew it was something I needed to be a part of leading.

Shared Carlos.

Valeria found amazing success in her own right, building a sterling reputation in the industry and a thriving career as a life coach, speaker, and trainer. That career allowed her to pursue her aspirations of helping others realize their full potential and become the best version of themselves. While that career was rewarding, her desire to impact people in a more profound and direct way led her to Velovita, where together with her husband, she can use this platform to lift others up.

Velovita is a sexy, young company, with a unique proposal, benefitting from many years of experience of its founders, being debt free and with great human and financial resources. It’s not just more of the same.” Proclaims Valeria. “Velovita has all my passion, experience, love, and commitment to make it the number one MLM company!

With that kind of passion, in a part of the world known for its passionate people, there is no doubt that Velovita will soon be a well-recognized brand.

I have known Carlos and Valeria for many years and have seen what they’ve accomplished in their over 40 years of cumulative experience in the MLM industry. We are thrilled to have them leading the charge into Latin America and there is no doubt in my mind that they will enhance and expand our mission to provide an ecosystem of inspiration, education, and life enrichment throughout Latin America and Beyond!

Says Kosta Gara, Founder, and CEO of Velovita.