Three polaroid pictures of Mary Schifano

Mary Schifano Moves From Corporate To Field At Velovita

Mary Schifano, a 30-year industry veteran who has been serving as the Vice President of Sales at Velovita, has some big news! Her career includes successes in both the field and on the corporate side. Recently, Mary came out of retirement to work with this cutting edge biohacking company because once she tried the products, and saw the Member Rewards Plan, she knew Velovita was onto something BIG!

Working with Kosta Gara and Jeff Mack, icons in the network marketing space, was an opportunity of a lifetime.

After her long and successful direct selling career, this mother of five hoped that someday one of her children would have the desire to work with her, yet nothing previously had sparked that interest. Velovita however, is the company that made Mary’s oldest daughter Emily’s heart sing after having tremendous results with brān® Reimagined, Velovita’s flagship and ground-breaking nootropic product. After a year of immersing herself in the company culture, knowing the commitment of the founders, feeling the servants’ hearts of the field leadership and seeing the big vision for the future of Velovita first-hand, Mary felt compelled to pursue her Velovita career in a different way; by teaming up with her new partner, Emily. Thus, Mary has decided to forgo her corporate position and is stepping into the field where her heart lies and her dream of working hand-in-hand with her daughter will become a reality.

Velovita is changing the world and how people see this industry I truly love and appreciate. I can’t imagine a day without these products or these amazing, authentic, beautiful people that are the Velovita family. I can’t wait to build a legacy with my daughter by my side in the field which is my true passion. It’s a dream come true! – Mary Schifano

Mary discovered how powerful the compensation plan is while being on the corporate side. Knowing she can far exceed her salary by building in the field, as well as retire after 5 years, made the decision an easy and exciting one.

Mary has an enormous amount of energy and talent, as well as the heart of a lion! We are sad to lose that talent at corporate but are thrilled for her and honored to have her talent for building and leadership experience in our field team. – Kosta Gara, Velovita Founder and CEO