Velovita Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary In Grand Style!

Celebrating in the country of Colombia, founder and CEO Kosta Gara, and cofounder, and President Jeff Mack entertained and inspired over 1000 Velovita members and guests in attendance from Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico and Chile.

All around the world “watch parties” were hosted by field leaders as members were anxious to hear all the upcoming enhancements and the vision of the future of Velovita!

They were thrilled as the Founder’s announced some of the most exciting and lucrative initiatives in the company’s history, including promotions that could potentially pay out up to $135,000 in bonus, in addition to commissions earned, to those starting their Velovita business in the current season!

Since Velovita’s inception in May of 2020 they have reached hundreds of thousands of customers all over the globe! Helping enhance their days (& nights) with products providing focus, mental clarity, weight management, gut health, EMF protection, and so much more.

From their flagship first product brān® to their #1 selling nighttime product zlēm®, Velovita’s got you covered 24/7. It’s better health and wellness at your fingertips in a snap!

This event was epic, in true Velovita fashion, with professional Latin dancers, music and incredible energy.

There was an extravagant, exclusive “Victory Dinner” for market leaders as well as simultaneous translation for all Spanish members and guests.

The best is yet to be in 2023 and beyond.