Velovita Celebrates Year 3. Another Incredible Year Of Success!

It all began with Velovita’s release of brān®, a revolutionary product formulated to help begin the day with a boost of physical energy as well as mental clarity. It set the bar, and Velovita continued to raise it with every product after. Their second and best selling product, zlēm® helps people relax, rejuvenate and burn fat while sleeping. Another success followed in the form of uüth®, a delicious premium gelée to have you looking and feeling younger. Then came plôs®, a non-dairy coffee creamer that adds a little something extra to your warm mug, and support for your healthy weight loss and body composition goals.

Just last month Velovita launched their long anticipated fifth snap, byom®, which works to support healthy gut bacteria as well as aiding in digestion and hydration. Its harmonizing blend of trace ionic minerals and other life-enhancing nutrients provide support from within.

In the Fall of 2022, members from all over the world came to Dallas, Texas, for an excitement-packed XLR8 convention. Velovita unveiled their first wearable biohack, tuün®. A shielding pendant made with their own Biohacking Enhancement Technology that helps balance and harmonize your body and provide protection from the effects of the dangerous levels EMFs and electrosmog that are an omnipresent part of modern life.

Velovita expanded into Colombia and Latin America, a region representing nearly 20% of the $200 billion dollar a year Direct Sales industry. Velovita took their message on the road with the “Velocity Tour”. They also began a new tradition to recognize top leaders with an annual Incentive Trip, an all-inclusive vacation to paradise.

Founders Kosta Gara and Jeff Mack believe Velovita’s members and customers are the heart of the company and they provide a supportive community and business tools to help entrepreneurs around the world succeed. The company has spent the last 3 years expanding rapidly and continue to be the only company in the industry that offers free, premium service shipping to over 70 countries! Velovita recently opened a new office in Miami, a sign of their continued expansion and commitment to growth.

Velovita knows they have their community to thank for these incredible strides. They expressed their gratitude to their Members through new rewards, programs, promos, new member packs, and extravagant events throughout the last 3 years. Their goal is to make it as easy and convenient as possible for their Members to grow their business and succeed.

The best is yet to come at Velovita and each day they continue their mission of providing an ecosystem of inspiration, education and life enrichment. It’s been an amazing third year, and Vellovita is on pace to reach even greater heights in 2023 and beyond!