Jaime Pelaez & Mabel Rendon Lead Velovita Into Colombia

Husband and wife team Jaime Pelaez and Mabel Rendon lead Velovita into Colombia and beyond.

Country after country, the benefits of Velovita products are being discovered, and Colombia is no exception. Velovita is known not only for innovative products that work, but also for its mission of providing an ecosystem of inspiration, education, and life enrichment.

That mission is building, but also attracting great leaders worldwide. Colombia’s Master Distributors, Jaime Pelaez and Mabel Rendon, with their passion and experience are on the ground in Colombia spreading the mission and message of what Velovita can do to benefit individuals and their families around the globe.

This dynamic husband and wife duo are so passionate about Velovita that they work around the clock to give Velovita more presence and impact in their country, and in other countries on multiple continents, in just a few short months.

Making A Global Impact

With backgrounds in sales, management, and direct sales, together Colombia Master Distributors Jaime and Mabel work to build Velovita’s presence in Colombia with a team of thousands of Members in Colombia, as well as in other South American markets, in the USA, and in Europe. Together, they aim to change the lives of thousands of more individuals and families on their way to reaching V-Star status in Velovita. It is an exciting process for everyone involved, as Velovita CEO Kosta Gara says:

I watched this amazing and dynamite couple build an EPIC organization across Latin America over the last 15 years. We’re truly excited they chose our company and call Velovita their home now.

Why Velovita?

While still in its prime, Velovita is making its mark globally. When Jaime and Mabel learned and understood where Velovita was headed, they leaped into action to spread the word and the results speak for themselves with the couple achieving the rank of Rock Star in just their first month. They shared:

We were convinced by the experience and industry accomplishments of its Founders. It was knowing that we are in the hands of experts with proven results, big hearts, servant leadership, and a great vision.

The portfolio of state-of-the-art products, operational excellence, a compensation plan that exceeds expectations of anyone who builds it, and the support services never seen in a company of this size was like a dream come true for us!

Their reaction goes hand-in-hand with their belief in the opportunities that come with global expansion. Crossing borders and building bridges to people and communities worldwide is what becoming a part of the international stage means; an idea that Jaime and Mabel both embrace and support with their efforts as a part of the Velovita vanguard of its growth into Latin America.

The Mission Continues

Velovita is poised for more growth as the company ventures into new territory, with proven leaders like Jaime and Mabel leading the way. Together, they push for a fresh, bold new direction, encouraged by their belief in one another, a true corporate/field symbiotic relationship.

They shared:

The technology and manufacturing used in the development of the products are amazing. We consume them and see the results immediately, and consumers say the same. Our Founders are people of integrity, of their word, and are true partners at all times.

The company is true to the best fundamentals of the industry, where the commitment to the welfare of its members is real and constant. The best definition is; if it is said, it is done. In Velovita, you will have the real opportunity to reach your financial retirement with time and freedom in only five years, and this is with just being consistent and persistent.

The opportunity they spoke about is valid for all members of the Velovita family. Jaime and Mabel aim to help entrepreneurs from all different walks of life create a better, more financially independent future. The future for Velovita and its Members in Latin America is bright indeed.