Kristin Adams Joins Velovita, Already an All-Star

Kristin Adams became an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner in 2014 and was introduced to network marketing that same year.


In addition to becoming an ARNP, Kristin is also proud of becoming a 7-figure earner with her second direct sales company.


Two areas keep Kristin going in her mission to help others: health and wealth. Says Kristin,


I almost left network marketing before I found Velovita but the pull to help others find products to radically change their health trajectory, plus a business opportunity that can do the same financially pulled me back in. Velovita has both of these plus the right leadership to help impact millions of people.


The pull to help people was definitely a driver but still, why Velovita?


I was intrigued by the biohacking products being completely different from the standard vitamins I used in the past. This company is revolutionizing the way health products are delivered with their simple snap system that delivers everything you need in a few seconds! They’re easy and effective for even the busiest of people. When I delved into the compensation plan, I was blown away. The generosity by the owners is astounding; not just for the builder, but for the Members who help customers. Ultimately, the leadership of Kosta Gara and Jeff Mack was the cherry on top. Both of these men are smart, strategic, and talented in the network marketing arena. With their humble kindness, I knew this company would be the fastest growing network marketing company in the space for years to come. I am so grateful to learn from them both


adds Kristin. Velovita’s Founder & CEO, Kosta Gara shared,


Leaders like Kristin who conduct their own due diligence in the industry and specifically choose Velovita are the leaders who fast track their success. Kristin latched on to everything available with our unmatched infrastructure. She quickly achieved our All-Star rank and she’s taking full advantage of all that’s available for her to grow, help others, and succeed. We’re happy to have Kristin as part of our Velovita family and wish her much future success!

A servant leader at heart, Kristin values the importance of serving others on a global scale.

As a 7-figure leader, I’ve learned how quickly your team can go global. If the company is not prepared for expansion, what sounds like a dream can become a nightmare. Having the ability to grow a team globally with fast, reliable shipping and plans for boots on the ground as the leadership grows in other continents was very important to me. The world is becoming more connected as technology increases and Velovita is perfectly positioned to support growing international teams


shared Kristin.


As for potential distributors, Kristin added


Velovita’s leadership has their pulse on the health needs of the current modern person, solving problems and offering easy solutions that impact health the first time you try them. I anticipate the expansion of innovative products to continue. As a nurse practitioner, I have firsthand witnessed the decline of health for the average person and Velovita’s biohacking snaps will fit into anyone’s lifestyle while helping them improve concerns about energy, weight management, rest, mood, improving youthfulness with collagen and so much more.


So what’s next for Kristin? There’s no sign of slowing down for this leader whose goal is to impact one million lives with Velovita’s health products and the blessings of the compensation plan over the next decade and beyond.