Velovita® Innovates Again With byōm® Remastered

Velovita®, an innovator in the biohacking space, does it again. Velovita first caught waves in the health & wellness industry with the successful release of their flagship product, brān® Reimagined, a daytime snap formulated to help boost energy, enhance focus and mental clarity, and promote a sense of calm.

Shortly following suit was their nighttime snap, zlēm® Sleep & Slim, which relaxes and rejuvenates the body while sleeping, allowing the user to wake up feeling lighter and more refreshed.

Velovita then introduced their uüth® Time Reverser, a delicious premium superberry gelée, which contains key ingredients that promote more youthful, firm skin, help reduce the appearance of fine lines and help improve muscle tone.


In January 2021, Velovita introduced plôs® Thermo, a revolutionary creamer packed in a little red snap that gives caffeinated beverages a delicious flavor while curbing hunger and boosting metabolism.


At their yearly XLR8 convention in the Fall of 2021, Velovita introduced tuün® Resonate, a stylish wearable biohack with powerful Electromagnetic Field (EMF) blocking benefits. In a world full of harmful EMFs and cellular pollution, this wearable technology contains an advanced proprietary combination of frequencies and a mix of infused minerals to help block EMFs and provide protection for individuals as well as pets!


Velovita designed these incredible biohacking products to provide support, enhance, protect, and rejuvenate the body 24/7. Velovita offers Members and Customers free shipping globally so that everyone can feel these benefits.

During their Founder’s update on March 6th, Velovita revealed their latest revolutionary product specially designed for gut health, byōm® Remastered. byōm® is the first liquid probiotic of its kind that also helps not only hydrate the body, but also to bring it to an alkaline state. This miraculous blend of probiotics and nutrients helps balance and nourish the gut and delivers what the body needs to function at its best from the inside out.

The body is naturally slightly alkaline, but a poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to pH levels leaning towards a more problematic, acidic state. byōm® Remastered combats unwanted acidity with its probiotic and enzyme blend that helps your body achieve a balanced alkaline state.

Balanced pH levels mean improved digestive health and prevention of harmful pathogens in the gut. Every snap of byōm® Remastered delivers over 20 BILLION CFUs from nine strains of helpful bacteria formulated for people who want to reap the benefits of probiotics and give the gut microbiome extra support. byōm® Remastered is gluten-free, keto-friendly, dairy-free, vegan, and non-GMO to help balance your body in ways other dietary supplements can’t.


I’ve been a biohacker since before the term existed and am truly excited about the results we are seeing within our community with all our products. With byōm®, we know that it will only increase as the connection between gut health and all the other critical systems in the body is definite and just now being realized. This [product] truly helps to complete our product line for round-the-clock biohacking and wellness.

Velovita Co-Founder & President Jeff Mack shared.