Velovita Appoints Industry Veteran Carlos Pacheco As Mexico GM

Geographic expansion has been one of the keys to Velovita’s early success. Having the right people in the right places is one of the most important strategies the company is adamant about.

With amazing product reviews, new promotions and the compensation plan, the Mexican market has been growing steadily but lacking one key thing to put it into momentum; a charismatic, capable leader. That is why industry expert, Carlos Pacheco, was the perfect choice to lead Mexico as Velovita’s new Country Manager. With 22 years of experience in the MLM industry, Pacheco is crafting many different strategies to add to Velovita’s growth in the near future.


Velovita is the vehicle to achieve dreams, here you’ll find innovative, high-quality products that work

Shared Carlos.

Keeping in mind the great trajectory of Carlos, starting as a pioneer distributor in Mexico with an MLM company, scaling to a 60,000 distributors team, we asked him about his motivation for joining Velovita and his love for MLM,

My passion is to contribute positively to people’s lives, helping them achieve their goals and of course driving the company’s growth.

The demand both globally and internationally has been tremendous, but with the industry’s first FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING to now 70 countries, the international Members can enjoy a seamless experience and cost-savings never before seen!

To keep with the global expansion, Carlos has not only MLM experience, but also an administration and digital marketing background, which makes his global perspective and vision a great fit for the company and the local markets.

His experience on MLM has been astounding, starting from the bottom in an unknown field for him, to escalating into a corporate position as a General Manager has been a journey full of nourishing moments and personal expansion, as he shared;


I am proud of the two stages I have had. The first stage as a distributor, where I was a pioneer of the company in my country, the second stage as part of the corporate structure, in my role as General Manager within international companies.

The balance between his personal and professional life has been the fuel to his success,


My family and leaving a legacy is what keeps me going, being a leader who develops the maximum potential in people and organizations.


Carlos has the skills and experience we have been looking for to lead this dynamic market and we have no doubt that what we will create together in Mexico will help so many families and be something that we can truly be proud of.

Kosta Gara, Founder and CEO of Velovita.