Velovita Expands Corporate Team & Services

After recently completing their wildly successful second year in the business, Velovita is preparing to scale in their third year and beyond, in a BIG way! It’s not easy to build a sustainable company. It takes the right strategy, the right field team, the right corporate team, and proper execution.

As the first expansion of their sales department, Velovita recruited Mary Schifano for the role of VP of Sales. Mary is a lifelong direct seller with close to 30 years of experience both in the field & on the corporate side. She dedicated over 20 years as a top leader and income earner before repositioning to corporate with a start-up as their National Vice President of Sales in 2016.

Mary started and grew their pre-launch “buzz,” playing a pivotal role in the growth and expansion to what is now a $600M+ company. Her passion and focus are leadership development and relationship building.

When asked why she decided to join Velovita at this point in her career, Mary shared:

I’ve experienced the highs and lows of this industry. I’ve seen quite a lot! I wasn’t seeing any company in this space that checked all the boxes for me. A culture of true, humble leadership was my #1 requirement. I wanted to be part of a company whose products I could be proud of and trust in their efficacy.

A place where people are lifted up, recognized, and appreciated for their efforts. I felt as though the “good old days” of building relationships and genuine authenticity were lost. Then, I got the call from Jeff and met Kosta and a handful of amazing leaders. I felt their hearts were pure and all in.

An innovative company in the direct sales and e-commerce industry, Velovita is quickly expanding their team and services far beyond their initial goal. Global expansion has quickly become a reality as their vision and presence continue to prevail.

During their most recent communique, Velovita revealed to Members that they are now serving all European Union countries, as well as the UK. The company also expanded their customer service support, offering Members and Customers 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, customer service in multiple languages, unheard of for a company in their second year!

We are excited to share this news and journey with those in our current 32 markets and new ones to come, who are looking for a long-term home where they can build a bright, long-lasting future, and their ideal velocity of life!

Says Velovita President, Jeff Mack.

When we started Velovita, we intended to have a company that connected like-minded consumers and entrepreneurs from around the world. In our first year, we began that quest, but now we are ready to scale!

Announces Velovita CEO Kosta Gara.

Indeed, Velovita is expanding far beyond their initial goal, and new valued team members like Mary are sure to play a pivotal role in the company’s success in the years to come.