Velovita Raises a Glass to Two Years

If you’re familiar with the global biohacking innovator, Velovita, it’s hard to believe the company only just celebrated its second anniversary.


With so much to boast about after its launch and first successful year, the bar was already high. And yet, it’s been raised even higher.


It all started with a nootropic biohacking formula. Developed to diminish brain fog, provide a natural, long-lasting mental and physical energy boost, and enhance one’s mood, brān® was born and in demand.


With unique, convenient “snap” packaging, the market was ready for more. Enter zlēm®, Velovita’s best selling solution for quality sleep and slimming technology. Multiple flavors, including some seasonal, were introduced for both products to satisfy every palate.


Last year Velovita launched uüth®, a delicious Superberry gelée that nourishes your cells to help you look and feel younger than you have in years; a time reverser if you will.


Fourth and most recent in the lineup of products is a functional vegan coffee creamer, plôs® Thermo. It can be added to your favorite coffee for a rich & creamy flavor boost, but it’s most enjoyed to support healthy weight loss and body composition goals. Talk about putting your coffee to work!


Clearly with over 15,000,000 “snaps” consumed, the biohack boom is here to stay.


Products aside, Velovita requires a flawless system to maintain the level of quality at every touchpoint for Members and Customers.


Founder & CEO, Kosta Gara shared,


We wanted to manage every aspect of this company in-house. We knew delivering our standard of excellence was only possible if our fingerprints were on every moving piece. From R&D, licensing, packing, and shipping to our Community experience, our events, rewards programs, and our very own mobile app and Resident Scientific Advisor, we’ve built something so incredibly unique that’s truly unmatched in the marketplace. We’re thrilled to celebrate our accomplishments on our second anniversary and are committed to many more years of success.


When the company expanded globally to over 32 countries, it was soon after they implemented free global shipping – a huge industry first!


As for finances, Velovita launched 100% debt-free and was profitable after its third month of operation. Open for business and eager, their Member Rewards Plan, Velovita’s unique compensation plan was released. The VIP (Velovita Incentive Program) was also launched to recognize and reward Members with gifts and gratitude in a big way. 


No stranger to hosting lavish events for their community, Velovita has now hosted their launch event and the annual XLR8 event to educate, inspire, and delight attendees with all kinds of value and surprises.


It’s already been a busy 2022 for Velovita thanks to some unprecedented initiatives that were recently launched.

The Velovita Charitable Match Program was implemented to partner with online influencers and help support the causes they passionately care about.


Last month, top-earning leaders flocked to Dallas, Texas for Velovita’s first Leadership Summit where the Leadership Council met to communicate, innovate, and collaborate.


As for support, Velovita’s community can now enjoy multilingual Customer Service hours which were increased to 7 days a week. 


Like a frequent flier points program only better, Velovita’s Member Loyalty Program was just announced introducing the allocation of their own reward point system that can be redeemed for products, swag, sample packs, etc. as just another method to appreciate their community.


Co-Founder & President, Jeff Mack added,


Over the last two years, we’ve been working to provide a smooth, exciting, and super rewarding path to success for our community. We’ve achieved some remarkable success but we have no plans of slowing down. We’re already working on some exciting initiatives for our near and long-term future.