3 Tips to Better Meal Planning

What’s for dinner? It’s the age-old question stumping families throughout the week. If you often find yourself playing a frantic game of searching for something you can whip up before getting hangry, we’ve got some tips to try!

Meal planning requires some forethought and yes, planning! Setting aside some time each week to prepare will make life easier at mealtime for days to come. 

1. Save Time & Money

Shopping the sales will ease the strain on your wallet and planning this way prevents the need to order in or grab that take-out for the family because your dinner ingredients are still frozen. Plus, proper planning (and shopping) can help avoid overbuying groceries that don’t get eaten.

When planning out your menu, consider a prep day to pull your meals together for the week. Do more than one recipe call for chopped peppers or onions? Prep all your veggies at once! Next, separate them into airtight containers for each recipe. To shave off even more time, whip out your food processor and put it to work! You can even use frozen veggies where possible to skip this step.

2. Get Organized

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, right? Mealtime is no different. Knowing what you’re going to have ahead of time eliminates the guessing game of whether you have the ingredients you need or not, and prevents the overwhelm of not being prepared. Invest in some meal containers to help stack your meals in the fridge for freshness and compact storing.

3. Eat Better

Planning means you can choose a variety of healthy options. You can also prep your meals into ideal healthy portions.

If you want to prep snacks as well as meals, wash, cut, and prep some healthy options so they’re available and at the ready. You’re probably more likely to grab a handful of freshly washed berries or chopped cucumbers when they’re ready for the taking instead of a handful of chips.

If you’re working towards weight loss goals or you’re currently on a specific dietary program, planning ahead is key! Whether intermittent fasting, cutting calories, or counting those macros, consider your meal needs when planning. You’ll do yourself a favor by avoiding any feelings of guilt from overindulging or eating something off-plan for the sake of convenience. 

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Try these simple tips to plan your meals this week and enjoy the fruits of your labor at mealtime! We’re confident you’ll #LOVIT!