The Importance of Self-Care

If you look for the definition of “self-care” on, you’ll see two definitions:


1. “the act of attending to one’s physical or mental health, generally without medical or other professional consultation…”

2. “the products or practices used to comfort or soothe oneself…”


It’s no secret that the notion of self-care has gained some recent traction. Trending hashtags, weekend plans and some healthy alone time are on the rise; all in the name of self-care.


Equally important to physical health is our mental health and taking time out to recharge the batteries these days no longer feels selfish, but essential. There are countless ways to “comfort or soothe oneself.” Here are some suggestions to up your self-care game this week:


1. Block some time to read.
A good book (with silenced phone notifications) can be just the ticket. Want to work on self-care AND personal growth? Dig into a great mindset book to kill two birds with one stone. #winning!

2. The perfect bath.
Whether you’re a fan of bubbles or not, the sense of calm that comes with slow, deep breaths, brought on by soaking in warm water is soothing. If you need a little help relaxing, add some salts or essential oils to do your mind (and body) a favor.

3. Gratitude Journaling
Spending time in gratitude is always a healthy idea. It’s easy to fill our days with the stressors and obligations of life. To balance it all out, set a timer for 15-minutes without distractions. Write a list of things, people, and blessings you’re grateful for and keep it close to reference when you need a reminder!

4. Collagen Peptides
As with most healthy benefits, a good skincare routine starts on the inside. If you’re not pampering your cells as much as your face, it might be time for some inner self-care. The good news? There’s a delicious new time-reversing gelée that works internally and externally; talk about self-care! uüth® (pronounced yüth) contains powerful ingredients to help you live, look and feel more vibrantly beautiful.


Shelbi Kautzsch tried it out and after three months said “My skin is thanking me daily. I have always suffered from acne and dark spots. The worst is, I suffered from BACKACNE!!!! Since taking uüth® , my skin is glowing, and my acne is GONE!! GONE!!!!! On top of that, my skin has also really tightened, and I have been seeing some of my fine lines disappear! This product is one I won’t go a day without and has me craving it everyday!”


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What will you include this week as part of your self-care regimen? Let us know on social! #LOVIT @velovita_official