Kristin Wiese Joins Velovita, Gains Velocity!

Kristin Wiese may not hold a degree but ambitiously began a career in the transportation industry at the age of 20. Climbing the ladder for over 10 years, Kristin managed the entire southeast US at one point employed by General Mills at their Minneapolis headquarters.


A decade ago, Kristin dabbled in the MLM industry. Equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset, she was always looking for ways to make money. At one point while eight months pregnant, she even recalls selling vacuums. Though dollars were tight, Kristin had a desire to make a go in direct sales and was ready to get serious in 2018, thanks to the support of her husband.


One accomplishment Kristin can boast is that after two years in network marketing, she was able to walk away from her 9-5 job and maintain a full-time income. While on maternity leave with her second child, Kristin and her husband agreed that now earning more than enough, she could quit her job and stay home with the kids.


I did, and it’s been a complete blessing! That same year I made my first six-figure income too! ,


shares Kristin.


What drives this ambitious leader to keep going? Says Kristin,


Can I be honest? At first the money is what drove me. I wanted to be able to make good money to help with bills, travel, debt, etc. but the longer I was in the business and the more people who joined me, the more my mindset changed. What drives me now is seeing THEM succeed. Getting messages that they were able to pay off a credit card or take their family on a vacation that they never could before, or just seeing their confidence boost – you can’t put a dollar sign on that. That’s what drives me. It’s a beautiful feeling to play a part in changing someone’s life. ,


With thousands of network marketing companies in business claiming to have it all, what was it about Velovita that had such appeal?


Prior to joining Velovita, Kristin was a number one earner with her previous company. She was actively involved in everything as part of their corporate team also.


For me to leave and go to another company, I had a long checklist. I had been watching Velovita for over a year before I reached out. They do an incredible job with their marketing, they’re extremely professional, their compensation plan is unique, and the products are one of a kind. Being able to find a company with all the things and then some is rare. They are so magnetic and when they were able to check off everything on my list, I knew they were the place I’d call home, ,


adds Kristin.


Since joining Velovita recently, Kristin has already advanced to the leadership rank of All-Star, a prestigious accomplishment she can add to her roster.


Velovita’s Founder & CEO, Kosta Gara shared,


Our infrastructure is always improving. We love positioning ourselves as the company for new and seasoned distributors to call home. We’re honored to have leaders like Kristin who see the value in what we offer and choose to align their core values with ours. We’re so excited for Kristin, for the impact she’s making, and for the continued success we know she’ll enjoy at Velovita. 


Velovita is less than two years old and already boasts an impressive lineup of accomplishments, one of which being a global operation. On the topic of global opportunity, Kristin shared,


I think it’s extremely important!! In the world we live in today, with social media, you are able to connect with so many people, not just in the US, but globally! Having the ability to build a customer base and team outside the states is incredible.
The possibilities are endless! ,


Kristin clearly knows a thing or two about the industry and building success for herself in this profession. She shared the following thoughts for anyone considering a future in direct sales and specifically, with Velovita:


“When it comes to finding an MLM company, there are three things I tell people to look for:


  1. The products. You have to absolutely love the products deep down to your toes. Velovita’s products are not only simple, but effective!
  2. The compensation plan. You need to be with a company that pays you for your efforts. No one wants to run themselves into the ground or feel like they’re not being well compensated. The binary/unilevel comp plan that Velovita has is nothing short of amazing. Everyone can win here. Whether you’re a strong recruiter or a strong customer builder, you can do very well here! It’s not just the people at the top that win, even new members that come in the door fresh are winning and earning money.
  3. Culture. This is so incredibly important. I’ve seen people walk away from a six-figure income because they did not feel they were seen or heard. You need to feel like you matter. Velovita’s culture is inviting, supportive, and so unique. I’ve never seen anything like it. I finally feel like I found a place to plant my flag and call home.”


With so much opportunity, there are sure to be lessons learned along the way. Kristin shares,


The biggest thing I learned when my success really took off is that I needed to stop making it about me. I now make it about my team and my customers. How can I help them be successful? How can I help them hit their goals? When you shift your mindset, you can change your life because success naturally follows. ,